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Spa Treatments Help with Detoxification

One of the most powerful benefits of infrared spa treatments is detoxification of the body. Infrared saunas help those who use them to literally eliminate more than seven times the amount of toxins lost in a conventional Swedish sauna. The result is a healthier you.

Spa Treatments Help with Weight Loss

Spending time in an infrared sauna can also help with weight loss. On average, spending thirty minutes in an infrared sauna burns 600 calories. The saunas heat increases core body temperature and increases heart rate, the same type of increase experienced when exercising.

Spa Treatments Help with Circulation

Sauna heat also improves circulation. In fact, spending regular periods of time in an infrared sauna can enhance blood flow. Enhancing blood flow also decreases inflammation after exercise, and improves the recovery of muscles, too.

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    Annsam Forever Beautyline

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